July 23, 2009, 8:34 am
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Welcome to my blog.

I love beautiful things.  Celebrations.  Clothes that make you feel good.  Old things that look new, and new things that look old.  Reading. Libraries.  Friends who make you smile.  Real, good food.  Cooking.  Cozy restaurants.  Cupcakes.  Extra long sleeves and the perfect pair of boots.  Yoga.  London.  Home.  Coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon, wine with dinner.  And sometimes lunch.  Champagne. Photography. Sunny days, the sound of the rain, and having just enough of both.  Traveling and exploring, settling back in.  Making a home.  Dinner parties.

And I really love paper.  Its textures, its look, its feel, its perfect contrast with crisp print and colour. Its way of making things seem more special, more personal.  Its possibilities.

I believe in doing things your way, not just or necessarily the right way.  I believe in being thoughtful and inspired, creative and logical, reverent and irreverent.  I believe in saying something, and making a statement.  I believe in looking closer, and in looking around. I believe in the power of research, and in telling a good story.  I believe in taking chances and following your gut.

This blog is about all those things.  Thanks for reading.


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