April 26, 2010, 3:21 pm
Filed under: frocks + finery, inspiration, london lovin'

I went to see the Grace Kelly exhibit at the Victoria & Albert Museum on Friday, and came away inspired never to leave the house without makeup again.

Well, ok, not really, but what an extraordinarily beautiful woman, with, appropriately for her position, such an acute sense of image, and of how to wear clothes so that she is noticed well before and beyond what she is wearing.

And, she could wear white like no other.  By far my favourite image from the exhibit wasn’t from a display but rather a bit of silent film footage from a montage of Princess Grace and Prince Albert attending various balls, fancy dress events, etc.  The image was from Princess Grace at Le Bal de Petits Lits Blancs in the Ballroom of Powerscourt House, Co, Wicklow, July 1965.  She shimmered and sparkled in the subtlest, prettiest of ways, even on the grainy black and white footage.  You’ll have to imagine from the yellowed newspaper coverage…

A reasonable consolation for their only having her civil wedding dress and not the cathedral gown was that the exhibit did feature her real live Hermes handbag — the Kelly bag before it was a Kelly bag.  Sigh.

Speaking of namesakes, the friend that attended with me wondered if this suit — worn to the White House for lunch with Jack and Jackie and my favourite piece of daywear on display — inspired “Kelly Green”?