September 11, 2009, 3:42 pm
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September 9, 2009, 10:07 am
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A minor injury has me sidelined from my usual yoga and pilates classes and has plopped me right into the swimming pool for the only sort of exercise my doctor says I can do at the moment.  Though the lingering scent of chlorine on my skin, even post-shower, has me wishing for a natural pool in my backyard (um, I suppose the backyard would be nice too), I love the meditative rhythm and solo-ness of it, and the loose, energized feeling it earns me.

Though my Speedo kit suits me well for everyday, I’ve found myself fantasizing about the days when swimming was oh-so-glamorous, girly swimming attire, and the now-bygone lazy, hazy days of summer…










September 2, 2009, 2:54 pm
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We had a whirlwind weekend trip back to the States this past weekend, for our friends’ wedding.  She is from Connecticut, USA and he from Essex, UK — they live in the UK, and so were married in the US, at the restaurant where her parents were married years ago, and that — bonus! — they now own.

To import a bit of English charm, and perfectly complement the New England-style decor of the restaurant, the happy couple named the tables after favorite pubs around the UK.  I made the signs, each with one of four watercolour pub pictures on the front and a description of the actual pub on the back:

kristynneil_0023b copy



{Please excuse the photo quality — the lighting was challenging to say the least!  Someday soon I hope to add a faster lens and a flash gun to my photo arsenal…}

The pictures were of some of the most meaningful pubs, spruced up in Photoshop — we talked about taking pictures of all 26 real-life pubs, but since they were collected over three years of dating, and stretched from Wales to Essex and all around London, we decided to save the parade of pints for the wedding celebrations.  But each pub picture featured the couple’s name and their wedding date, where the name of the pub would ordinarily go.

The guests loved the signs and the bit of personal history they injected into the reception decor.  And I heard more than one debate about who would be taking the signs home after the wedding…